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Deidre Dare Proposes Prostitution as a Layoff Solution?

deirdre dare expat allen and overy.jpgDeidre Dare is one of our favorite laid-off lawyers. She was working in Russia for Allen & Overy, and decided to pen a salacious online novel about her expat adventures. The literary critics at A&O were not pleased with the novel, which featured lots of drinking, sex, drugs, donkeys, and dwarves.

After she lost her job at Allen & Overy, she sued the firm.

Dare’s still in Moscow, where she pens a column for the Moscow News called sExpat. Recently, she wrote that money is tight and that she’s considering various options to increase her cash flow. Among some of her proposals are robbing banks, becoming a jewel thief, blackmailing someone, or prostituting herself. From the Moscow News:

Now, when I decided to go into the law, I wanted to take an expensive preparatory course for the law school admissions test. At the time, I was suffering severe “cash flow problems” and I asked my father to pay for the course, which he refused to do, considering it a waste of money.
So, in order to raise the cash, I decided to become a “high class” whore.
I’d heard that this was something pretty Ivy League students sometimes did for money.

Sometimes the non-Ivy types do it too. So what are Dare’s rates?

Dare ends her column on this note:

Let’s just say that I’m off to buy a tight, black bodysuit.
In the meantime, if you want to spend the night with me, it will cost you $2,500 (that includes breakfast in bed)…
xxoo, DD

We checked in with Dare via Facebook to ask how serious the column was and whether she’s really trading being a lawyer for being a lady of the night. Her response may disappoint some lonely, rich Russians:

As much as I am thinking of becoming a jewel thief……….

Our tipster on this story was our very own Marin. She sent along the column from the Moscow News via Lawshucks via RollOnFriday. Gosh, everyone’s on top of Deidre.

Cash Flow [Moscow News]

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