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No More Asian Angels For Loyal Lexis Users

Asian Angels withdrawn canceled.jpgLast week, we reported on a questionable offering in the Lexis-Nexis Rewards Program store: an “Asian Angels” calendar.
Shortly after our post went up, the calendar came down. It seems that legal research companies respond well to media coverage.
But the calendar, despite being quickly withdrawn from the Lexis swag offerings, still incurred the ire of the Asian Pacific American Law Students Association at UC Berkeley.
Read their response, plus a statement from Lexis, below.

This e-mail went out on the UC Berkeley APALSA list-serv last week:

Hi APALSA Members,
Lexis Nexis was offering an “Asian Angels” calendar as part of its Rewards Program where students can cash in Lexis points for products. See:
Lexis Nexis has since removed the calendar from its website.
It is terribly offensive that a provider of professional legal research tools would distribute a product that promotes sexualized representations of Asian women. Such demeaning representations contribute to sexual violence targeted at Asian women on college campuses and in the broader community. This product has no place in a professional or educational environment.
I encourage you to e-mail [REDACTED], Boalt’s Lexis Nexis Representative, to let the company know that such conduct is unacceptable. She can be reached at [REDACTED]. I have asked Lexis to let me donate my points to Asian Women’s Shelter, an organization that serves API victims of domestic and sexual violence (

In defense of Lexis Nexis, the products in the Rewards Program come from the Amazon store. From a LexisNexis spokesperson:

Thousands of items are merchandised through the LexisNexis Rewards site via a service from a third party vendor. We work with the vendor to filter and exclude inappropriate products from our site. The item that appeared last week was clearly not in line with the professional nature of our company, clients or users and we took immediate steps to remove the item from our site.
We are working with the vendor to ensure that no inappropriate products appear on our site in the future.

Judging from the reviews of the Asian Angels calendar on Amazon, those who ordered it wasted their Lexis points.
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