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Coming to the Defense of Judge Kevin P. Moriarty

kevin_moriarty.jpgLast month, we linked to a story in Courthouse News Service about Kansas Judge Kevin Moriarty. Kansas attorney Kimberly Ireland filed a lawsuit against Judge Moriarty, alleging that he had used inappropriate language and masturbated during her divorce mediation.
In her suit, she said that her ex-husband supported her and had testified about the judge’s inappropriate behavior at the mediation during their divorce trial.
After the post went up, her ex, Kevin Ireland, reached out to us to set the record straight:

First off, I am not in support of this lawsuit. I never had issue with anything the judge did during our mediation.

There may have been some bad language, but there was no beating of the honorable gavel, says Ireland.

According to Kevin Ireland, Judge Moriarty did use “the f word” during the mediation, but did not get frisky underneath his robes:

At no point did I see any conduct on the part of Judge Moriarty that I could even twist into the thought that he was masturbating.

Was Ireland just jerking off with this lawsuit?
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