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Further Misadventures in Lawyer Advertising: Where Did Jane Clark Find Her Hubba-Hubba Photo?

Remember Jane Allen Clark? She’s the Texas attorney who originally used the quasi-racy photo on the left for her lawyer profile on the state bar website. After we wrote about it, she replaced it with the more staid portrait on the right:
Jane Allen Clark Jane Clark Jane A Clark before after Texas State Bar lawyer.jpg
But where did that first photo come from? An eagle-eyed reader drew something to our attention….

A tipster told us:

Just FYI – the Jane Clark “hottie” picture is actually her photoshopping her head onto the body of Stephanie Seymour, a supermodel in the 1990’s.

The picture is Stephanie Seymour on the cover of Cosmopolitan magazine. [T]hat “hot” picture of Jane Clark is not her at all.

The reader attached this photo as proof:
Supermodel Stephanie Seymour.jpg
The tipster observed that Clark apparently photoshopped her head onto Seymour’s body. It seems to us that Clark went even further — it looks like she photoshopped her face onto Seymour’s body. Note the similar hair and earrings.
So, does this raise an issue of false advertising? Might a client who hired Jane Clark, in reliance on the first photo showing her with a smoking hot body, have a cause of action?
We requested comment from Jane Clark, who has communicated with us before, but she did not respond to multiple inquiries.
Ed. note: This post was originally published yesterday at 3:55 p.m. We have temporarily changed the timestamp to keep it on the front page (but we will eventually restore it to its original place).
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Misadventures in Lawyer Advertising: Jane Clark Swaps Out Her Hubba-Hubba Photo

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