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Reversed Perk Watch: No Soda For You

Quinn logo.jpgWe are fighting two wars, the economy is in the toilet, and the assassinations of Biggie and Tupac remain unsolved, but our elected leaders have spent a lot of time concerning themselves with soda (a.k.a: pop). Literally, the President of the United States is concerned about this.
Here in New York, wealthy overlord mayor Michael Bloomberg has an entire ad campaign running against soda. It’s probably just a precursor to the soda tax that is often talked about.
As a meat-eating smoker who detests physical activity and enjoys it when cows are fed beer, I’m immune to the so-called “doctors” and their calls for basic health. To me, taxing soft drinks is a violation of the social compact.
But in Biglaw, the war against soda is on. Foley & Lardner has already taken up arms against soft drinks. And it looks like Quinn Emanuel will be next.
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Anybody who has ever purchased a soda fountain knows that soft drinks are extremely cheap. The markup on a 16-ounce serving of Coke is worse than, well, the markup on three grams of coke.
But we are in a recession, and I suppose you can’t just give things away for free anymore. Quinn Emanuel New York associates received this email yesterday:

Sorry I didn’t reply sooner. Beginning Tuesday/Wednesday of next week, there will no longer be free soda in the NYO with the exception of conferences and the occasional Follies. Soda machines will be installed on 22, 24 and 3B. Soda is scheduled to cost $0.75. If there is a change to the current arrangement, I will send an update.

Free soda for clients? Yes! Free soda for employees toiling away all night? Surely you can’t be serious.
In Quinn Emanuel’s defense, seventy-five cents a can is eminently reasonable. Subsidized soda? To quote one former QE lawyer, yumyumyumyumyum!
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