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Deidre Dare Likes Abusive Men and Getting Paid For Her Writing

deirdre dare expat allen and overy.jpgWe have another episode in the saga of Deidre Dare, one of our favorite laid-off lawyers. She was an attorney in Allen & Overy’s Russia office until she penned typed a salacious online novel about her expat adventures, which featured lots of drinking, sex, drugs, donkeys, and dwarves. After the firm let her go, she sued.

Dare’s still in Moscow, where she writes an often controversial column for the Moscow News called sExpat. The latest reveals that Deidre likes it rough:

Anyone who has spent even five minutes in bed with me knows that I have a strong proclivity for S&M. My experience in the area ranges from the mild (spanking) to the extreme (ball gags, golden showers and the like), according to how much experience my partner has and what he or she likes.

The column goes on to praise Russia’s abusive men. Dare writes: “If you’re hanging out with real men and you’re a little slutty, you’re going to get hit. Period.” Roll On Friday photoshops A&O’s chairman into being a “real man” here.

Ed. note: We at Above The Law do not condone physical violence against women. We do, however, condone violence against the commenter ShaFeef.

In a previous column, Dare said money was tight and suggested that prostitution might be a way out of her money woes. That might have led to more hitting than even Deidre likes. Luckily, she’s come up with a different way to make money. She’s written another book. Its title, fittingly, is SLUT.

Dare sent us a Facebook message recently with news of her book:

I thought you might like to know that rather than become either a whore or a jewel thief, I’ve posted another novel I’ve written on my website. People will have to pay $3 for it (but $1 will go to ACLU for free speech causes – a cause becoming closer and closer to my heart for obvious reasons) and perhaps I can get an income that way. The book is called SLUT.

Dare describes the plot as follows:

The novel begins on the evening before 9/11, when investment banker Tabitha Mackenzie, the daughter of a charismatic and womanizing poet, suffers a series of catastrophic set-backs that eventually lead her to Sydney and into the arms of her married lover. It is narrated by the would-be next generation: Tabitha and her lover’s un-conceived twins. The twins are eager to be born as they have important work to do in the world. They follow Tabitha as she mingles with attorneys and bankers both in Sydney and on Wall Street and as she attempts to complete her deceased father’s play about the summer Lord Byron met Percy Shelley. Byron wrote: “travel and turmoil, or there is no existence” and Tabitha encounters much of both in the pages of SLUT.

Sounds like literary child abuse.

Dare sent us an excerpt of Tabitha celebrating a deal closing with the lawyers on the team. As Sweet Hot Justice has noted, there is such a thing as Deal Goggles. Dare’s protagonist has them on in this scene:

Her hair, unwashed for almost five days, was a pleasure to smell in its newly clean state and she left it loose and wavy.

The evening was more fun that she’d anticipated. Everyone was somewhat rested, showered and in good humor. They were all full of self-congratulations and team spirit and alcohol fueled camaraderie. They were outside at Cockle Bay Wharf once again and the night, as usual, was lovely.

There was a brilliant lawyer who’d worked with them on the transaction and somehow or the other, with this and with that, she’d ended up at his house, on his couch, straddling him with only her boots on.

“Are you acting on ‘instructions’?” she asked hoarsely as he f***ed her. And they both laughed intimately at their old joke, because lawyers in Sydney acted on “instructions” and lawyers in New York simply did their job, or so Tabitha had pointed out many times to him.

Hmmmm…. is it worth $3 to read on?

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