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Part-Time Job Offer Will Have People Polishing Résumés

Soul for Sale law student.JPGWe’ve done a couple reports on the crazy, inane job offers being floated to laid-off associates. The economy is so bad that some people think they can get ex-Biglaw associates to babysit their kids or work for free.
But this job listing is a different kind of crazy. It’s a legal job, albeit part-time. And anybody who has the qualifications the job poster is looking for has a pretty impressive résumé. (We’re not telling you who the employer is, because frankly they’re not one of our advertisers. If you are interested in advertising a job with Above the Law, please email
From the listing:

This opportunity is asking a commitment to work at least 6 months to 1 year. Attorney applicants must have at least 4 years practicing in the areas of corporate law, specifically seeking understanding judicial, legislative, and regulatory materials of significance to corporate practitioners and have significant corporate transactional and/or business litigation experience. Additionally, our client is expecting to see candidates with excellent editing, legal research, analysis and writing skills and the ability to complete assigned research and writing projects by prescribed deadlines. Prior law review or federal clerkship experience is also a plus. Our client is only willing to consider attorneys with at least 4 years of recent practice experience with strong law firm and academic credentials.

If you’ve got four years of experience and a federal clerkship, you expect to be able to get a job. Yet, at this company, here’s what that résumé will get you:

* 15 hours a week from home on a temporary basis.
* The position will pay $40p/h, non-negotiable.

You know what is crazy? I know unemployed people with this kind of experience who will club a baby seal for 15 hours a week, if it pays $40 an hour. I bet you do too.
Even the job poster expects an overwhelming response. Details after the jump.

The last line of the job posting illustrates that the employer knows it’s a buyer’s market:

Due to the high volume of resumes we expect, only qualified applicants will be contacted.

A tipster paraphrases:

Due to high volume of fourth-year attorneys with clerkship experience who want to work for $600 per week for the next YEAR, only qualified applicants will be contacted.

Are things really so bad out there that a person with excellent credentials will be willing to commit to this for even six months? I think so. I think laid-off fourth-years would be willing to fight for this job on sands of the Colosseum. You can’t underestimate how good $40/hour and a possible résumé filler looks right now to a person who has been laid off. To use a dating analogy, the people left in the bar right now will go home with anyone.
Will whoever ends up with this job regret it in the morning?
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