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Who Dat Needs A Continuance?

Saints robot.JPGUnless you have been living under a rock, you know that the New Orleans Saints are going to the Superbowl! You also know that the Saints have never been to the Superbowl; the franchise was once so bad that fans would wear paper bags over their heads to home games. And you surely remember that the city of New Orleans doesn’t have gills, and thus has suffered some tragedy in the recent past.
City still recovering from tragedy + Beloved football team + Superbowl – Open container laws = Mass freaking hysteria. Children are skipping school, adults are having their stomachs pumped, and judges are playing along.
If Alabama lawyers asked for a motion to continue because their team made the BCS National Championship Game, you can best believe that New Orleans attorneys will not be working that hard around Superbowl time. Civil District Court Judge Michael G. Bagneris just made it official.
Read the judge’s order to respect the Saints (and grant a continuance) after the jump.

Judge Bagneris’ order was clear and eloquent:
Saintsmania Order Continuance.JPG
Judicial notice of “Saintsmania” is pretty awesome. And I’m pleased that Judge Bagneris correctly weaved “Who Dat Nation” into his order.
The order granted a week’s continuance. I wonder if that will be enough time. If they win, that city might be in danger of suffering a major earthquake.
Indianapolis, what have you got? Sure, you’ve been there and done that and Broadripple isn’t exactly Bourbon Street. But come on, how about you let Peyton Manning audible out of any criminal sentence he doesn’t like for a week?
UPDATE: For additional Who Dat controversy, click here.
Earlier: Best. Motion to Continue. Ever.

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