Here’s One Job Brooklyn Law Students Are Definitely Qualified For

The Good Wife is one of the few legal dramas out there that is worth a damn. The writing is good, the situations are believable yet not so realistic as to be boring, and the acting is quality.

The producers of the Good Wife brought their show to the campus of Brooklyn Law School this week. There was much gawking at the show’s stars: Julianna Margulies and Chris Noth. The Brooklyn Daily Eagle reports:

The TV show was filming on the Brooklyn Law School campus this week on Joralemon Street, as well as outside Brooklyn federal court. Students reportedly not only witnessed the legal drama being filmed, but also had a spread of snacks and treats set up for them by the show’s producers. Refreshments had attached notes saying, “Have a good day?” according to the Daily News.

Don’t take candy from strangers. Don’t take candy from strangers!!

If there is one thing I’ve learned after seven years of higher education, it’s that students will do anything for free food:

When students took the treats, staffers asked them about being extras on the show.


You see what happened there Brooklyn Law students? The producers took advantage of your poverty and hunger and bilked you for some free work. Today, it’s standing around as extras on a television set. Tomorrow, it’ll be some Med Mal practice offering you $40K a year to represent families whose loved ones suffered negative survival outcomes. Don’t start selling out on the cheap before you even graduate. I would have held out for finger sandwiches.

Then again, the savvy Brooklyn law student could have used the treat trough as a networking opportunity. Producers of legally themed television shows need interns. When the director says “Hey, I want soy milk and a better way to convey malice aforethought to laypeople,” he could be talking to you.

Eliot Spitzer ‘Scene’ at Brooklyn Law [Brooklyn Daily Eagle]

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