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Party Law School Rankings

It’s time for the second annual Party Law School rankings. That’s right, apparently you can quench your thirst for a wonderful legal education without missing out on a good kegger.

SubtleDigg presents (gavel bang: Tax Prof Blog) a “quality of life” ranking, that masquerades as a list of partying law schools:

Though these rankings pages purport to rank the “party-ness” of the top 102 law schools, they might better be described as “quality-of-life” rankings. Why the misnomer? Sensationalism mainly. Don’t be too disappointed though, these “quality-of-life” rankings have far more utility than any strict “party” rankings could provide.

Check out the full methodology here. My favorite factor:

Alcohol Access

Value: 10% total score.

Based on the amount of bars and liquor stores within a one-mile radius of the law school. This category benefited schools located in large metropolitan areas.

Enough with the preamble, let’s get to the top law schools to go to if you want to have some fun for three years while placing yourself in a massive debt hole…

Instead of a “top-14″ it looks like the top partying law schools can be broken down into a top-11:

I don’t know how Arizona edged out Tulane. Tulane students stole Mr. Rogers’s shoe. I think you should get extra points for “parties that devolve into criminal activity.”

It makes sense to me that elite schools like Harvard and Stanford are ranked so highly (Yale’s just out of the top tier, it’s ranked #17). Students there don’t have to worry about the recession quite as much as students at other schools. Less worrying about their broken future = more partying.

You guys know me, sadness or it didn’t happen! Here are the least fun law schools:

You kids at Brooklyn should be ashamed of yourselves. You live in Brooklyn and you can’t figure out how to have fun? What are you waiting for, the Nets to come to town?

Every time Baylor pops up on my screen, it’s in the context of being hyper-competitive or not at all fun. It’s obvious that these Baylor kids are hanging on too tight. Loosen up guys, you’re about to end up like Cougar at the beginning of Top Gun.

Are there other schools listed here that you think are undervalued in terms of their commitment to fun? Check out the full rankings and let us know.

2010 Full Party Law School Rankings [Party Law School Rankings]

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