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Adventures in Lawyer Advertising: Pocket-Sized Legal Advice

There are many, many personal injury firms in the world, and they often have to come up with gimmicks to set themselves apart. Those gimmicks have landed a fair number of them in our Adventures in Lawyer Advertising series.

A tipster recently sent along the website for The Doan Law Firm: The Ultimate Fighting Law Firm. It’s based in Houston and run by a Texas Wesleyan Law ’00 grad, Jimmy Doan.

Why don’t you click here and meet him? Make sure your speakers are on.

When visitors peruse the site’s home page, a little Jimmy Doan walks out from behind a side bar and tells them how “there’s many useful information that can help you during this time.” We hoped he would stick around to guide us through the sections on “Oil Rig Explosions” and “Brain Injuries,” but he walked back into his office behind the sidebar after giving his little intro speech.

If you’re intrigued, good news for you: he’s hiring. Our tipster says, “This gem is actually one of the firms at UT’s OCI this year… Sigh…”

The Doan Law Firm [official site]

(hidden for your protection)

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