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Bureau of Labor Statistics Slows the Good News Train

Over the past few months, it’s seemed like the legal economy was picking back up. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, May saw job gains in the legal sector.

June was not so kind. Am Law Daily reports that the legal economy isn’t out of the toilet just yet:

After what initially seemed like a promising month in May, the legal sector saw its employment numbers drop by 3,900 in June, according to the latest economic report released Friday by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Thanks a lot, Bureau of Labor Statistics. You just ruined the iced coffee I was enjoying here at the Breaking Media cooling center…

In fact, it turns out that May wasn’t even as good as we had previously been led to believe:

Last month’s BLS report initially indicated an increase of 300 jobs in legal services in May, but now the adjusted numbers point to a loss of 600 jobs that month. The new May figure coupled with the massive drop reported Friday highlights how tight the legal job market has been–the sector has lost 22,200 jobs since this time a year ago.

At what point does the lost generation just give up? There are no jobs, and the cavalry doesn’t seem to be coming over the horizon. At what point do unemployed J.D.s just have to cut bait with this whole “having a career as a lawyer” thing, and try to come up with some other career to get them out of the ruinous financial hole law school has put them in?

Can any of these lawyers deal blackjack?

Not surprisingly, the “amusements, gambling, and recreating” sector saw a boost of 27,700 jobs, given the onset of summer.

Because right now unemployed J.D.s look like they’re standing in the middle of desert waiting for their ship to come in.

Legal Sector Lost 3,900 Jobs in June [Am Law Daily]

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