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Supreme Court Clerk Hiring Watch: The Official List for October Term 2010

Earlier this month, we provided you with a fairly complete listing of Supreme Court law clerks for October Term 2010. The OT 2010 clerks are starting up at the Court this month, staggered over a few weeks. To get a sense of what they’ll be working on this summer, see this SCOTUSblog post, by Lisa McElroy.

If you had any doubts about the accuracy of our list of OT 2010 clerks, consider them dispelled. The Public Information Office of the Supreme Court has kindly provided Above the Law with the official list of incoming law clerks, and the list is consistent with what we’ve previously reported. There’s just one name that we didn’t previously have: the law clerk to retired Justice David H. Souter.

Find out who he is, and check out the official list — we know you’re dying to learn the middle initials of the newest members of “The Elect” — after the jump.

The official list of SCOTUS clerks for October Term 2010 appears below. Note that this list doesn’t include law school and prior clerkship information, which usually comes in a second, more detailed list (which we will also post once it becomes available).

The names on the Court’s official list are the same as the ones on our earlier list, except the Court’s list uses the clerks’ full names (including middle initials). Thus, for example, the clerk to Chief Justice Roberts that we previously identified as “Zac Hudson” is listed here as “David Z. Hudson.” (The letter “Z” is a pretty badass middle initial; if you want your kid to grow up to become a SCOTUS clerk, name him “Zach” or name her “Zenda.”)

The one new name: Brook Hopkins, clerking for Justice Souter in OT 2010. Hopkins appears to be a 2007 graduate of Harvard Law School and former clerk to Ninth Circuit Judge Stephen Reinhardt (aka the Emperor Palpatine of the federal judiciary).

We previously mentioned an unidentified U. Chicago grad also heading into a Souter clerkship. The graduate in question is Matt Tokson (U. Chicago 2008 / Randolph), and he’s clerking for DHS in the following year, OT 2011.

Speaking of October Term 2011 law clerks, next week we will bring you an updated list of law clerks hired so far for OT 2011. If you have some names to share with us, please email us (subject line: “SCOTUS clerk hiring”). We keep all sources anonymous, unless a shout-out is requested.

Thanks. Have a great weekend!

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