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The Best Midsized Lifeboats Law Firms

Have you fallen off the Biglaw bandwagon and can’t get up? Were you lucky enough to hang onto your Biglaw job and are just now realizing that the blessing was actually a horrible curse on your lifestyle? Well, then maybe you’re in the mood to downsize to a midsized law firm, but you just don’t know where to look.

If so, the National Law Journal has you covered. It’s hard to distinguish one midsized law firm from another, but the NLJ has compiled a list of the twenty “hottest” midsized law firms.

Don’t everybody send your résumés all at once…

Here’s what the NLJ was looking for when it chose its hottest midsized firms:

Lower hourly rates remain the greatest advantage that midsize firms offer, but it’s not all about the money. The firms included on this year’s list have demonstrated the ability to snag big clients by offering specialized services and to hold on to smaller clients through bread-and-butter practices including estate planning and employee benefits.

The National Law Journal’s Midsize Hot List includes 20 law firms that have thrived amid the downturn. From among the stacks of nominations we received, we selected firms that experienced a string of successes and that showed innovative ways to run their operations despite the economy.

Here are some of the notable firms from the NLJ’s top 20. (Notable = I’ve heard of them before.)


You can check out the full NLJ list and write-ups about each of the 20 firms here.

But the point with all these firms is clear: these are firms that are not in the toilet. They pay well, you work hard, but there’s an excellent chance you won’t develop a vitamin-D deficiency due to lack of sunlight. It’s not a bad life, if you can make it happen.

And yes, if you finished reading all the way to the end of this post, then you are already late to the résumé-spamming party these 20 firms are about to endure.

MIDSIZE HOT LIST [National Law Journal]

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