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Utah Citizens Form Their Very Own Secret Police

A group calling itself “Concerned Citizens of the United States” has compiled and published a list of 1,300 allegedly illegal immigrants living in Utah. In addition to names and addresses, the list goes into shocking personal detail about the people the Concerned Citizens group is concerned about, The New York Times reports:

Each page of the list is headed with the words “Illegal Immigrants” and each entry contains details about the individuals listed — from their address and telephone number to their date of birth and, in the case of pregnant women, their due dates. The letter was received by law enforcement and media outlets on Monday and Tuesday.

Hey, nothing says “America” quite like menacing pregnant women, right?

But the medical data released by this organization could make somebody liable for a felony….

The WSJ Law Blog reminds these concerned law-abiding Americans about … well, “laws”:

Improper release of information from state records is a misdemeanor. The NYT writes that the medical information on the list, however, could potentially elevate the criminal implications to felony charges for violation of federal medical privacy laws.

The group that compiled the list seems to be really concerned with pregnant women. From its manifesto (of course it has a manifesto):

An investigation is underway looking into whether this information was leaked by state officials. The group’s manifesto doesn’t say. It just notes that the people of Utah are “watching,” in super-creepy language:

The group has promised to release even more names. Sorry, that was imprecise. The group has promised to release even more names of suspected illegal immigrants. The names of the people in the group — you know, the people who are running around attempting to violate privacy laws — will undoubtedly remain hidden.

‘Immigrant’ List Sets Off Fears [New York Times]
List of Alleged Illegal Immigrants Spooking Some Utahans [WSJ Law Blog]

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