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Date Harvard Men Without Streetwalking Down Mass Ave.

You know the old joke: How many Harvard men does it take to screw in a light bulb? Just one; he holds the bulb in place while the world revolves around him.

Many a Harvard man takes that approach to household maintenance, professional endeavors, and even dating. You’re not going to believe this, but some people who graduate from Harvard are real douchebags. Some of them think that just by dint of having gone to Harvard, people will love them, respect them, and shower them with jobs and money. They even make up special phrases for mentioning where they go/went to school, like “dropping the H-Bomb.”  Good God, get over yourselves. I’m sure glad my own blazing Harvard credentials, which I keep in special pouch around my neck, have never once prevented me from interacting with the little people in a way that makes them feel like we are all the same species. I’m magnanimous like that.

In all seriousness, there are of course enormous, self-important jackasses who graduate from Harvard, but there are also more than enough people who gladly buy into the Harvard mystique. Now there’s a dating site dedicated to bringing the Crimson and their sycophants together. As they say in Wicked, “they deserve each other.”

Let’s take a closer look….

Our sister site, Dealbreaker, has the scoop on the website DateHarvardSq: is here to help. The new dating site matches males who have Harvard MBAs with discerning females who do not. The best part, if you’re a cheap bastard and/or really taken by yourself, is that all the men have to do is sign up, free of charge, and the chicks have to pay for the honor of possibly dating you.

In my day, we didn’t need fancy websites to help Harvard men hook up with desperate women. We just went to BU parties and chewed with our mouths closed, exclusively. That usually did the trick.

DateHarvardSq is open to people who graduated from Harvard Law School, Harvard Business School, and even those sorry undergraduates who were only able to obtain one Harvard degree.

As Bess pointed out, the beauty of the site is that women have to pay — and, one would hope, engage in some sort of oil-enhanced wrestling match — for the opportunity to even send an email to Harvard guys. That’s right, throughout mammalian evolution, the males have battled for the right to access females; but I guess once you go to Harvard, you can tell Darwin to suck on your prestige. From the site’s “about” page:

Women have complete control on DateHarvardSQ. Every week, each subscribed woman is matched with five Harvard University educated men. Women decide which of their matches they choose to contact based on the men’s personal and professional qualities. Harvard men only get to see and communicate with the women who contact them. Because women are guaranteed to receive five matches per week, they pay a small subscription fee to join DateHarvardSQ.

Interestingly, though the site is open to all Harvard men, the featured men are all members of the Harvard Business School community. And that really tells you all you need to know about the site, doesn’t it? It’s not about education, it’s not about class, dear God it’s not about intellect. It’s all about the Benjamins. It’s all about wealth. Graduates of HBS can be trusted to have it, while graduates of HLS can be trusted to work their asses off trying to get a little sniff of it. Whom would you rather date (if you were a vapid woman trying to maximize your husband’s earning potential)?

Of course, it also tells you something about the way the legal community is regarded by laypeople. Ooh, business people, chicks dig that. Lawyers? Yawn. A lawyer is just another butler to the rich.

Oh, by the way, if you’re a Harvard guy considering signing up: YOU. ARE. A. DOUCHE.

Have Women Pay To Worship Your Harvard Business School-Educated Ass [Dealbreaker]

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