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How Did McGuireWoods Land the Tiger Woods Divorce Case? With the Help of a Hottie….

Yesterday we covered the divorce of golf sensation Tiger Woods and his stunningly beautiful wife, former model Elin Nordegren. We noted that Nordegren was represented by McGuireWoods. Although McGuireWoods is a top firm, especially in its home state of Virginia, it’s “not known for its matrimonial practice,” as Nathan Koppel of the WSJ Law Blog observed.

How did McGuireWoods land this plum assignment? Several of you pointed it out in comments, and Brian Baxter reported on it over at Am Law Daily. The short answer: family ties. To quote the slogan of McGuireWoods: “Relationships… drive results.”

A statement issued yesterday by the divorcing couple noted that Nordegren was represented by, among others, a McGuireWoods attorney by the name of Josefin Lonnborg. The divorce was filed in Bay County Circuit Court, Florida; Josefin Lonnborg practices in London. Why was a corporate lawyer out of the U.K. involved in a U.S. matrimonial case?

Here’s why: Josefin Lonnborg and Elin Nordegren are twin sisters. And despite her impressive legal credentials — Lonnborg speaks fluent English and Swedish, has worked at law firms in Stockholm and London, and has a Master of Laws degree from the London School of Economics — she is more than just “lawyer hot.”

Yes, we know: pictures or it didn’t happen. So, pictures.

Warning: although the images below are perfectly safe for work, gentlemen may wish to be seated at desks before viewing, to avoid unseemly displays of… enthusiasm.

Here are the promised pictures. The first two show Josefin Lonnborg with her twin sister, Elin Nordegren; the third is Lonnborg’s law firm website photo.

Does anyone know how to say “SMOKING!” in Swedish?

According to her McGuireWoods bio, one of Josefin Lonnborg’s specialties is M&A. So perhaps her fit for this case was better than it might have seemed at first. Think of it not as a matrimonial matter, but as an unsuccessful merger — with a nine-figure break-up fee. [FN1]

Media reports suggest that Nordegren will walk away from her marriage to Woods with between $100 million and $150 million. And although contingency fees aren’t permissible in divorce cases, we suspect that McGuireWoods will be paid well for its work.

Congratulations to McGuireWoods on this successful and high-profile engagement — and to Josefin Lonnborg, on her sheer ridiculous hotness.

[FN1] Yes, I know, this really isn’t analogous to a break-up fee, since the “transaction” actually did go through: Woods and Nordegren married in October 2004. I’m just trying to make a cute pun, as bloggers like to do; please cut me some slack.

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