Morning Docket

Morning Docket: 08.16.10

* Career alternatives for lawyers: Vintner. [New York Times]

* When Rudy Lim was poached from DLA Piper to head Duane Morris’s Singapore office, he got a nice pay bump from $300K annually to nearly $700K. To help drive up his worth, though, he forged a pay slip at DLA. The fall-out? A fine, a day in jail, disbarment, and no one ever trusting him during salary negotiations again. [Bloomberg]

* The “law school scam” blogs get some mainstream media attention. Law is 4 Losers, the man behind the Big Debt, Small Law blog, is a Seton Hall law grad. And he appears to have erased his blog since the article came out. [The New Jersey Star Ledger]

* Another way the justice system confuses the general public. [Associated Press]

* Will the Ninth Circuit stage an intervention in the Prop 8 ruling? [New York Times]

* Oracle v. Google is good for Microsoft. [PC World]

* As New York finally ushers in no-fault divorces, the WSJ looks back on the history of the need for fault. They dug up from the 1800s what may be the best-named adultery-spurred divorce case ever: Cock v. Cock. [Wall Street Journal]

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