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Morning Docket 08.31.10

My name is redacted, but you can call me Morning Dockette. I’m one of the winners of the Morning Docket writer competition. Some of you may know me better as the Tuesday and Thursday finalist from last week’s trial run. In real life, I’m a law school graduate awaiting the results of the July 2010 bar exam. Perhaps most importantly to some of you, I’m a girl. To answer some commenters’ questions, I’m not a mom, and I’m not an angry feminist either, but I totally appreciate proper etiquette. In my spare time, I enjoy life’s guilty pleasures, like watching reality television and catching up on celebrity gossip. I’m also fluent in sarcasm.

I’m so excited to be writing for ATL, and I hope to bring you entertaining stories about the law each morning. I will continue to strive to write witty descriptions about these stories that are somehow both too long and too short, all at the same time. In all seriousness, I welcome your comments and critiques. You can reach me by email at

Now, on to the links…

* Want to listen to hours upon hours of mind-numbing Tiesto songs? Neither does Los Angeles. [Los Angeles Times Blog]

* Franklin Pierce rolls over in his grave as law students rejoice over their possible ascendancy to a higher tier. [Concord Monitor]

* In true bro fashion, the leader of Team Jacob may settle his lawsuit with a push-up contest. [Associated Press]

* The newest way to order your eggs is with an eight foot high side of manure. [WSJ Health Blog]

* Who will own the Dodgers after the McCourts divorce? Who cares, Manny’s gone and the Dodgers suck. [Bloomberg Law News]

* Coke Zero: not just a soft drink, but also the amount of your health insurance coverage if you go on strike. [Star Global Tribune]

* Electrical trades class: $100. High school dare: $10. Attaching electrical clamps to your nipples, almost dying, and then suing about your own stupidity: priceless. [Boston Herald]

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