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Career Center: Trivial Pursuit, Summer Associate Edition

Do you know which firms are described by their summer associates in the blurbs below? Check out how each firm fared in our 2010 Summer Associate Survey by clicking on each firm below, or by visiting the Career Center homepage and searching by name for the firm you are curious about.

  • Summer associates at this firm rave about its “laid back” work environment and the “fantastic” people they get to work with. Things are so laid back at this firm that summer associates were brave enough to force a couple of attorneys to chug bottles of Smirnoff Ice.
  • Bravery is also a required trait of the summer associates at this firm, where feeling lost during the summer program takes new meaning. Between mock trial competitions and hikes of active volcanoes, boring is definitely not an adjective used by the summer associates surveyed here.
  • Work assignments given to summer associates at this firm range from “big-name client” projects to pro bono work. When they aren’t busy in the office, summer associates were busy golfing, rafting, and gallivanting around the city of Austin during a firm retreat. 
  • While the hours may be “long,” summer associates at this firm still describe its culture as “laid-back.” Plus summer associates do not have to worry about bringing money for lunch, since they get to attend an unlimited number of free lunches.
  • This firm received high marks from its summer associates for providing “real” assignments as well as firm-sponsored volunteer opportunities — but summers also warn that it can get “ridiculously busy” at times. It’s not all work here, though, as summer associates still have time to attend baseball game, dinners, and Friday happy hours.

For information on summer programs and associate life at all the top firms, visit the Career Center.