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Legal Eagle Wedding Watch: Badgered

Before we go hard-core with the lawyerly nuptials, we must mention a couple of recent Vows columns that are worth a look. First, this offbeat pair had three children together before finally deciding, at the ages of 63 and 39, to tie the knot. And the geriatric groom sounds way too horny: “I lusted after Nina, and still do, in a very primal way.” Yuck. If you’re over 40 and not John Slattery, Pierce Brosnan, or Captain Jean-Luc Picard, we don’t want to hear about your primal lust.

Then there’s this uncomfortable write-up, in which the couple cheerfully airs a story that makes the groom sound like a massive cad at best (he “shacked up” with someone else while she was studying abroad and failed to mention that detail in the cheesy love letters he was sending her). “I’m still pretty incredulous that she’s with me,” says the wannabe-player groom. So are we.

On to this week’s slate of newlyweds, which we believe sets a new record for number of Harvard and Yale degrees:

1. Anne Catherine Savage and Zachary Podolsky

2. Elena Lalli and Guillermo Coronado

3. Caroline Lopez and Nicholas Miranda

4. Alexandra Denniston and Caleb Schillinger

Read more about these couples — and vote for your favorite — after the jump.

1. Anne Catherine Savage and Zachary Podolsky
(Buy them a sugar bowl.)

The Case:
– Our first featured couple has lovely credentials, starting with Wellesley undergrad for her, topped off with a law degree from Harvard. He’s even more impressive: Harvard undergrad, and now Yale Law (he’s a 3L).
– That said, it’s Zach’s summer employment at Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz that really sets our hearts a-thumping. The NYT coyly refers to the big W as “a New York Law firm,” but we all know it’s THE New York law firm — the one whose partners frolic in diamond-studded hot tubs full of caviar and towel off with the pelts of Iberian snow leopards. We made that up. But we’re pretty sure they at least pay their summer associates.
The Case Against:
– Including stepparents, five of the parents mentioned in the writeup are lawyers. How profoundly depressing.

2. Elena Lalli and Guillermo Coronado
(Buy them a pillowcase.)

The Case:
– Harvard-Harvard-Harvard-Harvard. Undergraduate degrees (both cum laude) for both, a JD (cum laude) for the bride, and an MBA for the groom.
– She’ll be starting at Sullivan & Cromwell in October; he’s an associate at McKinsey & Company.

The Case Against:
– Surely, ATL readers and commenters, we can all agree that this bride is hot, and not just lawyer hot. (See more pictures here.) Unfortunately, that means that she badly outclasses Guillermo. But that’s probably fine with him. Way to go, Guillermo!

3. Caroline Lopez and Nicholas Miranda
(Buy them a wine coaster.)

The Case:
– Yale-Yale-Yale-Yale. This bride and groom — whom we’ve had the pleasure of meeting — have been together since their undergraduate days at Old Eli (she graduated summa and he cum laude); they were also classmates at YLS.
– They now live in DC. She recently finished a DC Circuit clerkship with Judge Judith W. Rogers, and he’s an associate in the appellate and Supreme Court practice group at MoFo.

The Case Against:
– Badly out-Latinoed by the couple above.

4. Alexandra Denniston and Caleb Schillinger
(Buy them a compost pail.)

The Case:
– Our final couple met at Harvard Law School. She was cum laude at Wellesley; he was summa at Michigan.
– The bride’s father’s name is — we couldn’t make this up — Brackett Badger Denniston. The third. Brackett Badger, who has his own Facebook fan group, is General Counsel of GE, a big donor to (mostly Republican) political causes, and a former partner at Goodwin Procter.
– And coincidentally, Alexandra will be starting at Goodwin Proctor as an associate later this fall. Caleb will be in the Boston office of Dewey & LeBoeuf, specializing in the narrow field of “litigation and corporate law.”

The Case Against:
– We get a weird no-chemistry vibe from their photo. She looks like a second-tier sorority VP, and he looks like a female divinity student.

The Verdict:
– Oh, lordy. There’s too much goodness here; we can’t possibly decide which one of these stellar combos gets the prize. Readers, you make the call:

Which of these outstanding couples should be crowned ATL's Couple of the Week?

  • Elena Lalli and Guillermo Coronado (44%, 455 Votes)
  • Caroline Lopez and Nicholas Miranda (29%, 303 Votes)
  • Anne Catherine Savage and Zachary Podolsky (16%, 165 Votes)
  • Alexandra Denniston and Caleb Schillinger (11%, 111 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,034

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Thanks for voting! Polls will close a week from now, on THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 9, at 12 noon. We’ll have the results in our next column.

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