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Tweet of the Day: John Quinn on a Possible Squire Sanders / Hammonds Merger

Since we last checked in on him on Twitter, John Quinn — founding partner of litigation powerhouse Quinn Emanuel, and one of the nation’s ‘s top business litigators — has gained about 200 followers. And if he keeps tweeting in such insightful, funny, and brutally candid fashion, his following — right now he’s at 665 followers — will only grow.

Check out his latest tweet, which is a bit… impolitic….

Two rocks that think if they hug each other tight enough they won’t sink.

Ouch. The bitly link goes to Brian Baxter’s Am Law Daily post about merger talks between Squire Sanders and the U.K.-based firm of Hammonds. tell us how you really feel, mr. quinn!

P.S. Looking for other folks to follow on Twitter? We humbly suggest ATL blog, Elie Mystal, and yours truly.

Two rocks…. [Twitter (John Quinn)]
Squire Sanders and Hammonds Shore Up Merger Terms [Am Law Daily]

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