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Don’t Put Bullies in Jail: Now With Video!

Megyn Kelly of Fox News

I had the opportunity to take my surprisingly controversial argument that bullies shouldn’t be thrown in jail to a television audience. Megyn Kelly, the host of America Live on Fox News and a former litigator at Jones Day, invited me on her program and gave my argument a fair hearing.

Once again, I think my core principles here are sound: children shouldn’t kill themselves, children shouldn’t be incarcerated because other children kill themselves, and children should learn appropriate coping mechanisms when faced with embarrassment and humiliation.

As we all know, I have an insatiable appetite to offend and then devour fresh souls, but I become particularly strong when I can drink the tears of children. Kelly did everything she could to keep me from sounding like a raving lunatic who likes putting babies on spikes, but some people will come away convinced that I’m a heartless sociopath.

What do you think? Take a look at the clip, and let me know just how bad karma will eventually bite me on the backside…

Like I said, host Megyn Kelly was very patient with me and my argument. She was a wonderful host. As a guest, well, as usual I tried to fit in everything I had to say about the entire universe in under five minutes. I hope you listen fast:

I probably also should have also told you to turn the volume down.

I know you guys won’t hesitate to give me some feedback about the argument. Have at it.

Bullying Laws Proof of ‘Nanny State’? [Fox News]

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