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Lawyers Who Follow the Texas Rangers Are Crazy

We’ve seen lawyers request continuances because of major sporting events before. There was a great continuance motion last year, when the Alabama Crimson Tide played in the BCS Championship game. Obviously, the entire state of Louisiana lost its collective mind during the New Orleans Saints Super Bowl Run.

Notice how we’re talking about football? Football is “America’s Passion,” while baseball is “America’s Pastime” — which is a nice way of saying, “Baseball is something cool to have on the television while you take an afternoon nap.” (Full Disclosure: I’m a Mets fan, so baseball has been dead to me for many months.)

But we’re seeing unusual passion from Texas Rangers fans. Maybe it’s because the team had never won a playoff series until this postseason. Maybe it’s because Cliff Lee really is a witch.

Lawyers who are Texas Rangers fans appear to have gone all the way around the bend…

The Dallas Observer reports on the difficult situation of Darrell Cook. He was supposed to be in a Texas court today, but….

Cook has tickets for Game One of the World Series tomorrow in San Francisco. And he doesn’t want to miss tomorrow’s court date. And he doesn’t want to stick the case in another attorney’s lap. No, he wants a continuance; hence, the emergency motion on the other side.

The full motion is on Scribd. It’s pretty funny; I particularly recommend reading the footnotes.

But Darrell Cook is not the craziest lawyer/Ranger fan in the mix. No, that title belongs to Boris Briskin — a man who quit his job at a Los Angeles law firm to move back to Texas to follow the Rangers’ postseason run. You heard that right… he quit his job. Fox Dallas reports:

The Plano native has been dreaming the Rangers would make it to the World Series since he was 10 years old. It was a dream he took with him to Los Angeles, where he works at a law firm.

So when Briskin realized the Rangers might actually go all the way, he knew he had to be back in Texas.

With little hesitation, he quit his job and has been staying with friends in Dallas for the past week.

Boris, never go full retard. I don’t think I’m going out on a limb to say that if you have a job that you would happily quit to watch your team in the World Series, you’ve made bad life decisions. Either you should have stayed in your hometown, been better at your career, or followed a better sports franchise.

Briskin isn’t worried about what will happen once the Series is over:

He is confident he will find a new job when he returns to California. “As long as the Rangers beat the Yankees I’ll be right here through the World Series, and hopefully the parade,” he said.

Which California law firm would hire this guy? “Howdy, I’d like a job here. But just so you know, if the Mavs look like they have a chance to beat the Lakers, I’m totally out of here.”

So, open letter to Texas Rangers fans: act like you’ve been there before. I know you haven’t, I know it’s really exciting, but… my God.

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