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Legal Eagle Wedding Watch: Green Day

First, a couple of notable non-legal nuptials: Kelly McGillis (of Top Gun and Witness) married her long-time girlfriend. Short ceremony, long write-up.

There’s also perhaps the most painfully stylish wedding we’ve ever come across. The bride is the daughter of modernist architect Richard Meier, who keeps his homes “very relaxed and casual but everything has to be perfect” — “[e]ven the Snapple bottles are lined up perfectly in the pantry.” (Oh . . . so not really relaxed and casual at all.) Watch the slideshow of the uber-posh wedding, and take note of those origami flowers; you’ll be seeing poorly executed versions in weddings near you for the next few years.

Now, our legal eagle couples. Here are the finalists:

1. Nicole Moen and Michael Skoglund

2. Jennifer Ain and Russell Lippman

3. Anne Green and Leonard Braman

Marvel at these couples’ résumés, after the jump.

1. Nicole Moen and Michael Skoglund
(Buy them a champagne flute.)

The Case:
– Solid, if mostly Midwestern, credentials for this bespectacled pair. The bride has an undergraduate degree, with honors, from the University of Wisconsin, and a JD from Harvard. The groom graduated from Macalester College and has a law degree, magna cum laude, from the University of Minnesota.
– At only 32, Nicole is already a partner at Fredrikson & Byron in Minneapolis. Michael is a senior lawyer at Cargill, the food company.

The Case Against:
– The bride seems a tad . . . aggressive. After first hearing about Michael when a friend was talking up his attributes, Nicole “immediately went to work wearing down her friend’s initial reluctance to set up a date for the two.” This admittedly raises several legitimate questions about the friend’s motives, but it doesn’t reflect terribly well on Nicole. Anyway, she hooked up with Michael through an online dating service the next day. Take that, friend!

2. Jennifer Ain and Russell Lippman
(Buy them a hand towel.)

The Case:
– Oh, how our heart sings when we see the delicate intertwining of two all-Ivy résumés! This bride graduated magna from Dartmouth (a institution upon which we have a massive and well-documented school crush). She also has a law degree from Columbia. The groom was magna at Yale and has a JD, cum laude, from Harvard. She’s at Davis Polk; he’s at Ropes & Gray.
– The two were married by Jonathan Lippman, father of the groom and chief judge of the New York Court of Appeals.

The Case Against:
– We’re wary of commenting on Jennifer’s attractiveness. Every time we call a bride hot, several pimply 13-year-old boys storm our comments section to protest that she’s nowhere near as hot as their imaginary girlfriends. And hey, fair enough. We’ll just say this: She looks right at home on the Davis Polk website.

3. Anne Green and Leonard Braman
(Buy them a salad plate.)

The Case:
– Another Ivy-licious couple! The bride has an undergraduate degree from Cornell and a JD, cum laude, from UPenn (tough week for the Quakers, getting bounced out of the AP’s top 25). The groom was summa at Columbia and has a law degree, cum laude, from Harvard.
– She’s an associate at Quinn Emanuel; he’s an associate at Patterson Belknap.
– You can find more photos — plus the couple’s Christmas Day proposal story — at their website.

The Case Against:
– Note to Quinn Emanuel: CHECK YOU WEBSITE DESIGN. Chartreuse is a horrid, horrid color that manages to make even Michelle Obama look vomitous. LEWW recommends a sharp gray with touches of red; it’s what all the stylish firms are wearing this season.

The Verdict:
– It’s Team Ain-Lippman, in a ‘Bama-over-Florida-style romp. Congratulations, newlyweds!

Honorable Mention:
Devora Whitman and Marc Allon (2, Columbia, Michigan)
Alison Schmauch and Ilya Somin (2, Emory, Yale)
Elizabeth Van Heuvelen and Adam Shoemaker (Harvard)
Bridgit DePietto and Peter Hardin (University of Florida)

The Rest:
Jolene Rall and Christopher Birrer (Villanova)
Patricia Zettler and Matthew Jordan (Stanford)
Amelia Hanley and Christian Cavallo (Georgetown)
Rebecca Hoffberg and Jason Phillips (2, BU)
Tiffany Andrade and Frank DiCarlo (St. John’s)
Alexandra Abboud and Richard Miller Jr. (Catholic)
Jesseca Salky and Christopher Cunneen (Fordham)
Peggy Bonapace and Richard Gelfond (Northwestern)
Megan Hafner and John Bacigalupi (UCSF Hastings)

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