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Randy Quaid Seeks Asylum From ‘Hollywood Star Whackers’

As we mentioned in Morning Docket, Randy Quaid, notable character actor of questionable talent, is on the run. The star is apparently seeking asylum in Canada. He and his wife Evi skipped out on a California court date for allegedly squatting in their former house.

Apparently the Quaids are afraid that more than a court date is waiting for them in the U.S. According to published reports, Randy and Evi believe they are on the “hit list” of a group of “Hollywood star whackers” who are also responsible for the deaths of Heath Ledger and David Carradine.

I don’t know — the Joker, Kill Bill, and Russell Casse? Who doesn’t belong on that list?

In event, you have to check out the handwritten note the Quaids’ lawyer showed in court…

This “star whackers” thing was actually hand scrawled by the Quaids themselves. Check out the picture:

Yeah, it’s time to get a real hero on the phone. Somebody call Dennis Quaid.

[Cue Movie Trailer Voice]:

In a time when secret organizations kill minor celebrities [Ledger: “do you want to know how I got these scars”] one man tries to find his brother [Dennis: “Save as many as I can”]. In CANADA [Dennis: “Negative one hundred and fifty degrees Fahrenheit.”]!

This just in…: Randy Quaid and wife seek asylum in Canada from “Hollywood star whackers” [Washington Post]

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