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Election Day Shenanigans Watch: So Long As You Can Avoid the Pigs, You Should Be Golden

We’ve collected a couple of tips on reports of election day problems around the country. And I have to say, so far, so good. It’s nothing like 2008.

Even in New York, things seem calm, despite the fact that the city is rolling out new voting machines which were a total joke during the primaries. They seemed to have worked out the kinks in time for today’s general election. From City Room:

New Yorkers using the new computerized voting system on Tuesday seemed to encounter fewer problems than they did during the September primary, when Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg complained of “a royal screw-up.”…

Mr. Bloomberg cast his ballot just after 7 a.m. at a school on East 81st Street. “The process, in all fairness,” he said, “was different, smooth,” compared with what happened on primary day.

And things seem to be doing well in Connecticut. Shockingly Vince McMahon decided not to be a jackass. But in Indiana voters will have to make their way past pedestrian pigs to get to the polls…

Really, no system can have a back up plan for the attack of the pigs. Kashmir Hill, tweeted us in the direction of a major mishap in Indiana. From Chicago Breaking News Center:

The crash of a pig-hauling truck Monday on the Indiana Toll Road caused structural damage that has forced the indefinite closure of the ramp from westbound I-90 to I-80/94, Indiana State Police said this morning.

As I said earlier, pictures or it didn’t happen:

If I remember my Indiana geographically correctly, that highway services some of the only Democratic-leaning districts in the state outside of Indianapolis. The lesson: Democrats will pull this election out only when pigs literally fly and get off the road.

Meanwhile, cooler heads prevailed in Connecticut. Vince McMahon’s wife is running for Senate there (’cause nothing says Republican family values like the WWE). McMahon had planned on engaging in some straight-out electioneering, by handing out WWE paraphernalia as people went to vote. But apparently, the Justice Department convinced him otherwise. From Politico:

WWE Chief Executive Vince McMahon has dropped his company’s plan to give away merchandise at some Nutmeg State polling locations, according to the Connecticut Post, after a receiving a letter Monday from the Justice Department.

So yeah, right now everything seems fine. Let us know if you hear otherwise.

Don’t forget to vote.

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