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The Hours Survey Results

Earlier this month, we asked you to tell us how you were doing with your hours.

I planned to announce the results of the survey when the first firm announced bonuses contingent on an hours requirement. But since bonus news is late this year, perhaps Rudolph has some sort of tumor?

I still think bonuses will come. Associates will stand in Evan Chesler’s office and force him to watch them shoot bunnies until he names a bonus, if they have to.

So they’re coming. While we wait, let’s take look at how hard people are working. It turns out that quite a few of you have been busy little bees…

When we ran this poll back in June, 46% of you said you were on track to bill 2000 hours or more. Now as the year draws to a close, 55% of you are on track to bill 2000 hours or more. Those are some impressive 3rd and 4th quarters people are having. I guess some summer vacations were cut short.

Here are the full results from our survey:

Remember this when the bonus news comes out. Firms who are cheap yet still hope to have high top payment numbers will look to set the hours cutoff at 2200 hours. Based on our survey, only 25% of you billed 2200 hours or more.

And there will be bonuses, and those bonuses should be better than last year. Consider this: when we ran this survey last year, only 40% of you said you were on track to bill 2000 hours or more. 2010 has been much better than 2009. Expect that to be reflected in the bonuses (or expect some epic bitchfests in the ATL comments).

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