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The UNOFFICIAL New York Bar Exam Results Accidentally Posted on the Web Briefly Today.

I cannot confirm ANYTHING that you are about to see. As a journalist, all I can tell you that two people confirm that this following names were cut and pasted from the New York Board of Law Examiners website earlier today when names were accidentally posted to the BOLE website. As we’ve mentioned in prior coverage, NY BOLE denies that they have posted the 2010 July bar results.

I can also say that these lists seem to be the same ones I saw when I clicked on the BOLE page before they were taken down. A friend of mine who was sitting for the bar appeared on the web, and appears in these lists.

So take this with some skepticism, but here’s what was posted earlier today. Click on the links below:

Page 2 = A – B
Page 3 = C – D
Page 4 = E – G
Page 5 = H- J
Page 6 = K – L
Page 7 = M – N
Page 8 = O – R
Page 9 = S
Page 10 = T – V
Page 11 = W – Z

(hidden for your protection)

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