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Above the Law’s Second Annual Holiday Card Contest

Happy Holidays, from Gordon & Rees (click on the image to see the card - note that there's music).

Last year we held our first annual contest for law firm holiday cards. It was a fun feature, as well as a big hit with Above the Law readers.

The winner, in a landslide, was Akin Gump. Check out their delightful card, which is still online, over here.

(The clever 2010 holiday card of Manatt, Phelps & Phillips — which the WSJ Law Blog just named as its favorite card for this year — has a punchline that’s reminiscent of last year’s Akin Gump card. But the Manatt card opens with a funny fictionalized firm meeting to discuss the holiday card, which the Akin card did not have.)

We recently received lovely holiday e-cards from two well-regarded firms: Gordon & Rees, a California-based Am Law 200 and NLJ 250 firm, and Much Shelist, a Chicago-based business law firm. You can check out their cards — they both contain music, so you might want to turn your computer’s sound off or use headphones if you’re not alone — by clicking on the images (above right, for Gordon & Rees, and after the jump, for Much Shelist).

These cards reminded us: ’tis the season — for a holiday card contest!

If you’re interested in submitting a law firm holiday card for consideration, please read on for the submission guidelines….

Season's Greetings, from Much Shelist (click on the image to see the card - note that there's music).

Here are the rules. Please read carefully.

1. We are committed to the environment here at Breaking Media. Due to an edict by our newest contributor, Ami Cholia of our sister site AltTransport, we will consider ONLY E-CARDS. You can certainly send us paper holiday cards via snail mail — our new address is Above the Law / Breaking Media, 611 Broadway, Suite 907D, New York, NY 10012 — but they won’t be considered for this contest.

2. To submit an e-card, please email either a link to the card or the card itself (as an attachment) — but note that WE PREFER LINKS, if available — to, subject line: “Holiday Card Contest.” The subject line is very important because it’s how we will comb through our inbox to collect the entries when picking finalists.

3. Please limit submissions to holiday / Christmas cards that you view as worthy contenders. We’re looking for cards that are unusually clever, funny, or cool; we aren’t really interested in cards that are safe (e.g., a beautiful winter landscape, a “Happy Holidays 2010,” and the law firm name). We’re seeking cards with some attitude, with that extra je ne sais quoi.

4. The deadline for submissions is MONDAY, DECEMBER 20, at 11:59 PM (New York time). No exceptions.

We look forward to your submissions. Thanks!

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