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Slightly Crazy Blonde Disrobes for TSA

More fun than document review?

I’m surprised we’re not seeing more of this. As TSA continues to scan and/or feel-up everybody who gets on a plane, raising questions under the Fourth Amendment, an Oklahoman woman stripped down to her underwear to prove a point.

According to a report by News 9 – Oklahoma, Dr. Tammy Banovac, 52, arrived at the Oklahoma City airport wearing an overcoat and in a wheelchair. When she got to security, she removed the coat, revealing her curvaceous figure — clad in nothing but a black bra and panties. She refused to go through the metal detector, so she had to be subjected to a pat-down.

Is there video? Would I be posting this if there wasn’t?

Yesterday, I excoriated a couple of HLS students for filling a lawsuit as a way of protesting TSA’s invasive screenings. Some people mistook my criticism as tacit support of TSA (have you ever read me) or being antagonistic towards protest and/or creative thinking.

I’m not. I just think that if you are going to file a lawsuit, you should do the work necessary to make it a good lawsuit. This issue, which is already being worked on by lawyers from EPIC and the ACLU and other organizations, is too important to be treated like an extra-credit assignment for Con Law.

And if you are going to protest something, well then freaking protest it. Don’t file a D.O.A., pro se lawsuit. Actually get out there and make a public display. You know, the way your parents used to roll (before they sold out, turned into wanna-be Gordon Geckos, wrecked the economy, whined about it, and demanded every last penny of their entitlement programs before dying and leaving us with the bill). If they want to make a statement, they should get out there and make a statement — like Tammy Banovac of Oklahoma.

In fact, if you follow David Lat on Twitter, you already know that today he’s flying to Colorado for a conference — and aggressively trying to get scanned or searched. I don’t know what he would have done had it happened (or maybe I just don’t want to know), but I can promise you it’d be a damn sight more interesting than filing a freaking lawsuit based on some stuff he “looked into.”

Not that you’d necessarily want to see HLS kids pull a Tammy Banovac, at least, not as much as you’d want to see Tammy Banovac do it. A tipster described her this way:

[S]he’s certainly not the last person in the world I’d like to see in her damn-near birthday suit. Secondly, she might be a robot and/or real-life Stepford wife. The look on her face is f’n scary and awkward to say the least.

And she’s stroking her dog — a tastefully placed dog — in a way that really adds to the creep-out factor. In my opinion, she’s bats**t crazy.

But if you are going to be the bats**t crazy woman who strips down to her underwear in an airport while stroking her dog, you better be able to pull off looking like Tammy Banovac when you are 52 years old.

UPDATE: More about Dr. Tammy Banovac over at The Oklahoman. She’s a dentist, but her Arizona dental license was revoked after the death of a child patient of hers. Also, she previously posed in Playboy.

See the video for yourselves. And don’t say we never did anything for ya:

Woman Strips Down To Bra, Panties At OKC Airport To Protest TSA Pat-Downs [News9 – Oklahoma]

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