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The Sentencing of Miss Kumari Fulbright

When we last discussed Kumari Fulbright, the Arizona beauty queen and law student turned felon, we mentioned that she was going to be sentenced in early 2011 for her role in the kidnapping and torture of her ex-boyfriend. Well, it looks like Christmas came early for Kumari — her sentencing hearing took place yesterday.

Fulbright was sentenced to two years in prison and six years of probation. She also has to pay $15,000 in restitution. The sentence itself wasn’t a surprise, since it was consistent with the plea agreement we previously mentioned.

Far more shocking was the truly hideous hairstyle that Kumari sported at sentencing….

Check out the photo — it shows Fulbright conferring with her lawyer, Steve Sherick — over at the website of the Arizona Daily Star. Looking for a Christmas gift ideas? You can order prints of the photograph, in a variety of sizes — or get a present that gives new meaning to the term “mug shot.”

Will Kumari Fulbright return to Arizona Law after her prison stint? Apparently not. Judge Michael Miller granted Fulbright permission to move to Florida after her release from prison.

Maybe Kumari Fulbright will finish her legal studies at the University of Miami. Miami Law is a favored place for super-hot females to study the law. See, e.g., Oona O’Connell (Playboy model and UM Law alumna).

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