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Legal Eagle Wedding Watch: Jews Versus Episcopalians

We were somewhat surprised to learn that this actually isn’t the most depressing day of the year. That honor goes to the third Monday in January, not the first. There’s a whole mathematical formula about it. Anyway, here’s some LEWW cheer to brighten your gray Monday.

Administrative note: Signs are indicating that LEWW will soon be presenting Mr. LEWW with another heir. Wedding coverage will be scaled back somewhat while we recover from the blessed event, but you won’t care because it’s January, and nobody gets married in January.

But some got married in December — like these three couples:

1. Ellen Tobin and Todd Kaminsky

2. Rachel Laitala and Colin Greenspon

3. Mabel Hwang and Jonathan Weiss

Check out their bios and photos, after the jump.

1. Ellen Tobin and Todd Kaminsky
(Buy them a tea kettle.)

The Case:
– We’d love this bride more if she didn’t have two degrees — undergrad (magna) and JD — from UPenn. But despite her state-school background, she’s indisputably cute and accomplished. She’s currently an associate at Curtis, Mallet-Prevost, Colt & Mosle in Manhattan.
– The groom was summa at the University of Michigan and earned a JD, magna, from NYU. He’s an assistant United States attorney in the Public Integrity Section in EDNY (Brooklyn).
– While engaged, they got a “Jersey blessing” from Bruce Springsteen. What’s a Jersey blessing? It involves Bruce Springsteen forming a cross with his hands and giving you permission to dance to one of his songs at your wedding. These two are from New York and clearly Jewish, but it seemed to thrill them, so whatever.

The Case Against:
– The groom isn’t presented in the best light here. There’s the part about how, when his mom tried to set him up with Ellen, he refused to call her without seeing a picture (fine, but don’t brag about it six years later after you’re engaged to her and she’s significantly more attractive than you). And then there are the two mix tapes he made her after they met. (Okay, CDs. Still.)

2. Rachel Laitala and Colin Greenspon
(Buy them a champagne flute.)

The Case:
– This bride, who graduated cum laude from Georgetown, works in public relations. Her groom was magna at Dartmouth and has a law degree from UVA. He’s an associate in the New York office of Linklaters.

The Case Against:
– Nothing against WASPs, but there are so many markers of WASPage in this profile, it reads like a parody. The oversized bow tie. Dartmouth/UVA. The Episcopal church. The parents from Darien, CT named Robert and Claire. Oh, and this: “The bridegroom is a member of the Society of Mayflower Descendants in the State of New York.” And if that isn’t enough for you, go here and check out the pictures of them sailing, skiing, and hanging out in his fraternity basement.

3. Mabel Hwang and Jonathan Weiss
(Buy them a tomato knife.)

The Case:
– This bride and groom are both 3Ls at USC. The bride was magna at Wellesley for undergrad, and the groom, who apparently is known as “J.D.”, was summa at Georgetown.
– She’ll be joining her father’s immigration law practice when she graduates. He’ll be a litigation associate in the Los Angeles office of Jenner & Block.

The Case Against:
– They picked a terrible picture to put in the NYT. Much less toolish photos are here.

The Verdict:
– We’ve gotta give this one to Team Tobin-Kaminsky for having two law degrees and and the blessing of The Boss. Congratulations to all the newlyweds!

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