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Musical Chairs: A Brooklyn-Bound Beauty

Being a federal prosecutor is a great legal job, but it has its downsides. One of them, at least for me, was the anonymity. In your work as an assistant U.S. attorney, it’s not about you; it’s about the merits of the cases, and seeing that justice is done. That’s public-spirited and all, but it’s not very fabulous (at least not to a shameless attention-seeker like myself).

Given the relative anonymity of being an AUSA, it’s not normal for the New York Post to cover the hiring of any single one. But Tali Farhadian, who’s joining the U.S. Attorney’s Office in the Eastern District of New York (Brooklyn), isn’t your normal AUSA.

How many federal prosecutors are as brilliant, as beautiful, and as filthy rich as Farhadian? And how many are as controversial?

Let’s learn why this lush Persian beauty is so celebrated in some quarters, and so loathed in others. And see some photos, too…

Tali Farhadian

Tali Farhadian is brilliant — Yale College, Rhodes Scholarship, Yale Law School, Supreme Court clerkship (O’Connor / OT 2004 and OT 2005). She’s gorgeous — see photo at right. She’s rich — thanks to her marriage to hedge fund manger Boaz Weinstein, who wins and loses billions all in a day’s work.

Some might hate her because she’s beautiful (and brilliant, and rich). But Tali Farhadian’s notoriety has other sources — namely, her designation as one of the so-called “Al-Qaeda 7.” As noted by the New York Post:

An embattled former Obama administration appointee — who was part of a group of attorneys accused of being terrorist sympathizers for defending “enemy combatants” — has been hired for a post at the US Attorney’s Office in Brooklyn, officials confirmed….

Although Farhadian was handling unrelated matters in Attorney General Eric Holder’s office, a political watchdog group accused Obama of overloading the agency with officials sympathetic to enemy combatants.

Their appointments even prompted Liz Cheney, the daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney, to dub them the “al Qaeda Seven.”

Tali Farhadian is all smiles - no prenup?

But Farhadian’s new job in federal law enforcement suggests the ridiculousness of identifying her as an Al-Qaeda sympathizer. Unless she’s some sort of Mata Hari — tough for her to pull off, given all the public scrutiny, plus the exhaustive FBI background checks for incoming AUSAs — her desire to enter public service as a prosecutor seems incompatible with hating America.

And why would she want to take down the U.S.A. anyway? She and her hedge-fund husband have done rather well for themselves in the land of the free and the home of the brave. Tali Farhadian’s glamorous life in New York — prosecuting criminals by day, attending swanky black-tie dinners by night — lets her have her cake and eat it too. She gets the interesting (and noble) job of a federal prosecutor, but with the lavish lifestyle of a hedge fund wife. It’s a heck of a lot better than trying to repair Osama’s dialysis machine while wearing a burqa.

Congratulations to Tali on her new gig, and good luck!

P.S. Yes, we know that Osama bin Laden’s need for dialysis might just be urban legend.

‘Qaeda 7′ attorney gets NYC job [New York Post]

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