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Law School Group Urges Female Students To Get in Better Shape

How's the job hunt going?

Are you a female law student? Have you put on a few pounds during your time in law school? Would you like to be reminded that fit, attractive women have better employment opportunities?

Then maybe you should consider transferring to Cardozo Law School. The Cardozo Health and Fitness Club is holding a networking lunch, but the flier makes it sound like they’re staging an intervention for fat chicks.

The Health and Fitness Club is forcing me to ask: Are Cardozo women really ready to whore themselves out to potential employers?

For the record, I find the following flier more funny than offensive. Of course, I’m not a woman who has to contemplate the subtle truths being articulated here:

“Whether they admit it or not” — well, some legal employers are willing to admit it. Take Stephen Susman of Susman Godfrey. From an interview with Vivia Chen of The Careerist:

So who’s the ideal fit [for your firm]?

Someone who’s clerked at the Supreme Court, is brilliant, and has theatrical presence. There’s a theatrical aspect to trial work. We’ve also had phenomenal female lawyers who have great personality, are smart, and are pleasant to look at.

Aren’t you afraid some might find that last comment a bit sexist?

You can ask anyone who has ever worked with me or at SG about whether we are [sexist], and I’m sure they will say no. I do think that any firm that tries jury cases needs a group of lawyers who have courtroom — i.e., theatrical — presence. A person’s appearance, male or female, contributes to their presence.

Attractive lawyers: only in the movies?

How do looks affect a legal career? For more detailed discussion, see this prior post, summarizing empirical research on physical attractiveness and law careers, and also this one, a debate between your ATL editors on whether attractive people are better lawyers.

I think it’s time for a reader poll. If a law student woman could only do one thing to enhance her job prospects, what do you think would give her the most bang for the buck?

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