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Justice Scalia Gets Caught in a Fender-Bender

The wheels of justice might have taken a wrong turn today. It seems that Justice Antonin Scalia had some minimum contacts — with another vehicle, on a highway outside D.C.

According to a Supreme Court spokesperson, Justice Scalia was involved in a minor car accident this morning, while heading in to One First Street to hear oral argument in Wal-Mart v. Dukes. The accident took place on the George Washington Parkway (a tricky road to drive on, as I know from my time spent in Washington).

Justice Scalia — my personal favorite among the justices, for his brilliance, wit, colorful personality, and unmatched writing skill — was thankfully not injured. He made it on to the bench in time for the Tuesday oral argument session.

What kind of car does Justice Scalia drive?

The last time I checked, Justice Scalia drove a blue/silver, early 2000s model BMW 525, with Virginia plates. But this was way back in 2006, when I was still writing for Underneath Their Robes. Perhaps Nino has a new set of wheels by now?

If you know the vehicle of choice for Justice Scalia — or, for that matter, any of the members of the Supreme Court — please email us. If we get enough tips, we may do a “Wheels of Justice” special report, chronicling the golden chariots of the nine robed ones. (Do any of them have legally-themed vanity plates?)

P.S. Justice Scalia does have a chambers assistant who can drive him around during the day — e.g., if he and his clerks want to go somewhere not within walking distance for lunch. But the justice handles the drive between the Court and his home in McLean, Virginia, on his own.

UPDATE (10:30 PM): Read more about the accident, including what kind of car Justice Scalia was driving, over here.

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