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Law License Plates: Legalese (and More School Spirit)

We continue our series on law-related license plates that are interesting or amusing. We’re still taking submissions, for a contest we will eventually hold; please submit your pictures via email (subject line: “Vanity License Plate”).

One way of communicating your status as an attorney to your fellow motorists is by dropping some mad legal knowledge — you know, a little legalese.

Check out this next license plate….

It was actually sent to us by the owner, who wrote: “Here’s my plate, I’m a douche. :-)

Actually, this plate isn’t that douchetastic (especially coming from a Masshole — one would expect worse). It’s a discreet inside joke; not many non-lawyers would realize that “ESTPPL” is short for “estoppel.”

If you want to invoke legalese, you can do so much more literally, as the owner of this Lexus did:

The tipster who sent us this “LGL EASE” vanity plate spotted it in the parking lot outside the downtown L.A. courthouse. “Just another proud UCLA grad,” said our source. “Can’t tell if it is UCLA law or undergrad.”

We do know where this Californian went to law school:

In case you can’t make it out, our tipster explained: “From LA. It’s not a very good picture, but the license plate reads: USC4JD.”

Ah, yet another example of lawyerly school spirit, embodied in a license plate (“NYULAW07”). And USC Law grads have good reason to be proud: they’re alumni of a top 20 law school in the latest U.S. News rankings, which came out last night. (More specifically, USC is #18 — a position it held last year too.)

Graduates of the University of Michigan Law School, the new #7 school, can hold their heads even higher. This Detroit lawyer submitted his own license plate to us for consideration:

Please continue to send us other cool or cute law-related license plates, by email (subject line: “Vanity License Plate”). Thanks.

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