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Fake Lawsuit of the Day: It’s 4.20!

It’s been a while since I graduated from college, but isn’t there something special about this particular day on the calendar? I just can’t quite remember what’s so important about 4/20.

Well, according to this fun little headline, I’m not the only one with memory problems today: AFROMAN SUED ON 4/20: ‘Because I Got High’ Singer Sued For Forgetting About A Concert Date.

Ha ha. Let’s check out this “complaint” below. And if you don’t know who Afroman is, you’re in for a treat…

CORRECTION (1:30 PM): I initially thought this lawsuit was a joke. But according to Claudia Lyster, marketing manager for the two law firms bringing the action, “I want to assure you the lawsuit filed against Afroman this morning in Franklin County Municipal Court is very real. Here is a time-stamped copy of the Complaint.”

Afroman performed the 4/20 anthem mentioned below. But that was some time ago. A complaint (PDF) — apparently filed by Ed Hastie, a lawyer who represents bars and restaurants, and Crumpton Law LLC, a two-attorney firm in Columbus, Ohio — begs us to reflect on Afroman’s one wondrous hit. From the Crumpton law firm’s press release:

Rapper Afroman, best known for his songs about marijuana use, was sued today for failing to appear at a concert at The Patio at the Continent in Columbus, Ohio. The lawsuit, filed in the Franklin County Municipal Court, alleges that Afroman forgot to appear at an April 9, 2011 concert scheduled at The Patio.

“We set a date and signed a contract. I even sent the deposit to Afroman himself, right away. They must have just forgotten about our show,” said Nathan Pettry, a concert promoter working with The Patio. Afroman is best known for his hit song Because I Got High. His records include Sell Your Dope, 4RO:20, Drunk N’ High, Waiting To Inhale, and Frobama: Head of State, among others. Afroman was nominated for a Grammy ® Award in 2002 for Best Rap Solo Performance.

The date April 20 is well known as a counter‐culture holiday where cannabis users gather to consume marijuana. “The irony of the filing date of this lawsuit is not lost on me. I went to college,” said Matt Crumpton, one of the Plaintiffs’ attorneys.

Without further ado:

Happy 4/20.

P.S. It’s not all fun and games on 4/20. There’s a very good report in the Village Voice that highlights how ridiculously easy it is to score drugs — yes, drugs including Adderall, all you law students preparing for finals — on Craigslist.

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