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Pathetic Job Potpourri

Whenever it feels like things are getting better in the legal economy, Craigslist shows up to remind everybody just how crappy things still are. If you want to know why there is a higher education bubble (and there is a higher education bubble), you need only look at the kind of pathetic salaries offered to people with years of higher education.

Now, if you were exploring the Above the Law jobs board, you wouldn’t be peppered with offers like the ones we’re seeing on Craigslist. But we can’t beat Craigslist for comedic value.

After the jump, check out two “jobs,” which you need years of expensive education and experience to even be in the running for…

Let’s start in Boston. When I first found out about this job, I was worried that somebody in Cambridge was hiring a new person specifically to collect my debts, but then I realized that if I can’t outwit the sad individual who is forced to take this job, I don’t deserve to keep my money.

Here’s the listing:

Wow, $300 a week for a person “with court experience.” And you can bet those aren’t going to be 40 hour weeks.

At least this Massachusetts job is a little open-ended on exactly what kind of experience they’re looking for. In Texas, the qualifications are bigger, but at least the position is permanent.

Seriously, before you look at the salary, check out the qualifications for this job on Houston’s Craigslist:

• Bachelor’s Degree in either engineering, computer science, physical science, or any other type of science REQUIRED
• Tax experience preferred
• LLM in Taxation Preferred
• Excellent communications skills – both verbal and written
• Ability to pay specific attention to minute details
• Available for minimal travel

As a tipster asked, what does 8-10 years of higher education entitle you to earn? Here’s the full ad:

There you go. J.D., hard science, Tax LL.M, for $50K – $60K? Dude. Talk about something not being worth it. College graduates with engineering or hard-science backgrounds can get $50K – $60K straight out of undergrad.

There are better legal jobs out there, people. Keep looking.

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