Non-Sequiturs: 05.16.11

* Akin Gump gets a major influx of renewable energy partners, from Chadbourne. And I bet they only used wind and solar power to jump ship. [PR Newswire]

* I keep saying, people will start going for merit-based compensation the minute merit-based compensation pays more than lockstep compensation for all (or almost all) associates. Until then, it’s just more risk for associates. [Vault]

* I think this post about economists trying to understand the incentive matrix for Dominique Strauss-Kahn pretty much sums up everything that is wrong with economists. [The Economist]

* It’s like we’re seeing the gentrification of the prostitution industry. [LA Weekly]

* I’ve got the same kind of deal here at ATL in case I need to punch any of you. [Lowering the Bar]

* For once the violently independent nature of Texans is helpful for doing something other than scaring the crap out of international onlookers. [MSNBC]

* Sure, we can fine Disney $3 million for violating the online privacy of children. Or we could remind parents that giving little Johnny a magnifying glass and a shovel will keep him busy for a good long time. [Not So Private Parts / Forbes]

* Count me as one of those people who thinks that the Obama administration is going to put up the good fight over the release of Osama Bin Laden death photos, but eventually be “forced” to release them. [Reuters]

* And we’re back to lawsuits over “sexual enhancement” pills. [ABA Journal]

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