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Is Not Getting Your Grades A Big Deal? The Georgia Bar Thinks So

Yesterday, we brought you a story about the plight of UGA Law students who were still jonesing for their grades. After having received a number of comments, emails, tweets, and Facebook messages, it seems like the moral of the story for rising 2Ls and 3Ls at UGA Law (and at every other law school) is this: “Quit bitching, gunners.”

I guess everyone will get their grades sooner or later, but to be honest, it will probably be later.

But, in particular, we noted that graduates from the school’s class of 2011 had not yet received their transcripts. The transcripts in question were due to the Georgia Bar yesterday, but as commenters and tipsters alike responded, this really, really isn’t a big deal. Really.

Apparently, UGA Law has some sort of secret agreement with the Georgia Bar that negates the deadline in question…

While we reached out to UGA Law to confirm the existence of this agreement, we did not receive a response. But, as one tipster so eloquently put it:

Georgia Law has an agreement with the Georgia Bar to allow transcripts to be sent in July, so getting grades after the June 15 deadline is irrelevant for UGA law students sitting for the bar.

The person complaining is likely the same person who complains if a professor gives a multiple choice exam that doesn’t leave enough room for differentiation at the top of the curve, thus preventing the person from getting an A+ in the course.

Ouch. That comment must sting for our original informant.

Another tipster then informed us that, wait, no, the school doesn’t send the transcripts to the Georgia Bar in July, but instead, in mid-August:

First, UGA students who take the Georgia bar are not even required to submit their transcripts. The school has an agreement with the Georgia Bar where all transcripts from all UGA law students who are taking the bar are sent automatically to the office of Bar Admissions in mid-August. The student simply has to sign a release. The school even allows students to release the transcript online.

So, wouldn’t you think that the Georgia Bar would at least pretend to be even vaguely aware of UGA Law’s secret agreement so that recent graduates could stop freaking out? A recent graduate emailed us this letter received from the Georgia Bar on June 9, 2011:

Although the tipster acknowledged that UGA Law would be taking care of sending transcripts to the Georgia Bar (at some point in time, possibly, maybe, hopefully), the school’s delay is putting recent graduates on edge:

I really wish they would get on it though, because it’s unsettling to get these letters and to have your bar application up in the air when you’re investing so much time and money into preparing for the exam.

Taking the bar exam is stressful enough. UGA Law, you need to send in the missing paperwork so these lawyer hopefuls can stop grinding their teeth at night.

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