Morning Docket

Morning Docket: 06.23.11

This is my cat, Chloe. Don't steal her, because she is radioactive.

* The Winklevoss twins finally got the point, and decided to drop their case against Facebook. Like. [Bits / New York Times]

* Spiderman, Spiderman / Allegedly gambling whenever he can. / Makes a bet, any size, / Texas Hold ‘Em debts, he denies. / Look out! Here comes the Spiderman. Tobey Maguire’s new theme song? [Daily Mail]

* The king of DC gender discrimination suits plans to sue the Catholic University of America. Doesn’t he know that single-sex dorms will stop these Catholics from having the premarital sex they allegedly don’t have? [WSJ Law Blog]

* Justice Sotomayor gave a speech to the JDRF Children’s Congress, telling them that they, too, could someday be wise Latinas. Also, something about a Zune? [Los Angeles Times]

* Hey, Judge Gummo, next time you get wasted, please remember that you’re supposed to wear a robe, not a sheet. Judicial conferences aren’t fraternity toga parties, bro. [Daily Journal]

* Alright, I really love animals, but if my boyfriend stole my cat, I wouldn’t sue for $11M. I’d just key his car and slash his tires. You know, the usual. He’d give me back my cat for free. [New York Post]

* Things upon which you can now blame your alleged anti-Semitic remarks: booze, benzos, and sleeping pills. Thanks for that, John Galliano. Mel Gibson, please take note. [New York Magazine]

* If you’ve been following the Stetson v. West Publishing case like us (hey, I could use the $12), check out the latest news on the coupon settlement rejection. [National Law Journal]

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