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Indy Law Offers Its Alumni the Most Nontraditional In-House Position Ever

Are you a recent law school graduate searching for a job in a down economy? Do you hope to find a nontraditional position in the Great Midwest? Do you have an unconditional love for breakfast foods? If so, you need look no further, because Indiana University School of Law – Indianapolis may be able to assist you with all of your employment needs.

As we know, IU Indy Law likes to keep it real — so real, in fact, that Dean Gary Roberts has preached that law students are idiots if they believe their salaries will be $140,000 right out of school. At odds with this tradition of realness, the second tier law school is offering its recent graduates what seems to be a prestigious, in-house opportunity.

The job listing in question touts: “It’s a good feeling to know someone is paying you for what you’re worth.” But unfortunately, at this law school, your J.D. is worth jack squat and a stack of waffles….

Don’t get it twisted: Indy Law isn’t offering its graduates an in-house counsel position at a food service industry giant. Instead, the school is offering its graduates the opportunity to work as a Manager Trainee at Waffle House.

Is this for real?

I can just picture the conversation with the law school’s Office of Professional Development: “In-house counsel at the Waffle House? Nu uh, baby! Waffle maker at the Waffle House. Oh yeah.”

Here’s the the advertisement from the law school’s Symplicity site:

At “AMERICA’S PLACE TO WORK®,” otherwise known as the “Poor Man’s IHOP,” Indy Law graduates can expect to receive three weeks of paid vacation, medical benefits, employee stock options, a $40,000 annual salary, and a hairnet.

If that’s not embarrassing enough for you, it’s worth noting that a college degree is preferred for this position, but not required. Now, I don’t know about you, but I’d feel like a total rock star sitting alongside high school dropouts during Waffle House’s paid training program for new managers.

And then I’m pretty sure that I’d contemplate closing my head inside of an industrial waffle press.

As an out of state student, I wouldn’t exactly be thrilled with an offer from Waffle House after shelling out $130,936.80 in tuition for three years of advanced education. But the school would probably be super pumped to add another student to its list of those employed for U.S. News rankings purposes.

IU Indy Law claims to have employed 91% of the class of 2009 nine months after graduation. I wonder how many of those people were taking orders off the Waffle House Dollar$ Menu? Because much like pimpin’, being a white collar waffle worker ain’t easy.

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