Morning Docket

Morning Docket: 07.06.11

* DSK’s alleged Sofitel victim has filed a libel suit against the New York Post over its hooker allegations. And a rose by any other name would smell as sweet, but it’d probably get me sued, too. [CNN]

* Biglaw could teach rappers a lesson or two when it comes to making it rain. As it turns out, the whole Madoff debacle has turned into one giant rainmaker raid after the next. [DealBook / New York Times]

* Guess who will be paying for Whitey Bulger’s defense attorney? You, and you, and you. And especially you. You know who I’m talking about. [WSJ Law Blog]

* You guys can fight over who inherited your dad’s balls all you want, but leave the puggle alone! A doggie order of protection has been filed in the Pogofsky estate suit. [Chicago Tribune]

* Don’t bite the hand that feeds you. A Florida traffic court magistrate allegedly went all om nom nom on a police officer’s finger. [South Florida Sun Sentinel]

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