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You Know What Makes Studying for the Bar Exam Easier? LOUD BANGING IN THE LIBRARY.

The first day of the bar exam is about 13 days away. THIRTEEN DAYS. The number thirteen is just evil (especially for those with triskaidekaphobia), but pairing that number with the term “bar exam” makes it that much worse. You’re probably on edge. Your Facebook statuses are bordering on homicidal. You’re so pissed off at the pen-clicking guy in the library that you’re contemplating slicing his throat with the worst notecard paper-cut ever.

I know that we’re not supposed to panic, but some people are panicking, and rightly so. The powers that be at the University of Minnesota Law School are not making it pleasant for recent graduates to study for the bar exam at the school’s law library. Apparently, there’s a lot of banging going on between the stacks, and not of the variety you’d brag to your friends about….

A recent graduate of Minnesota Law who is currently studying for the bar exam sent us this tip:

I and about a dozen of my colleagues are (attempting) to use the law library to study for the bar. This is proving difficult because the school has scheduled the month of July as the most opportune time to install new fire alarms in the law library, an activity that involves about 10 construction workers, concrete drilling, and hammering — all within 20 feet of people trying to cram MBE subjects into their skulls.

Now, I know what you must be thinking, and it’s probably along the lines of “quit your bitching and complain to the administration.” Well, they did. And this is what supposedly happened:

About 8 of us emailed the building’s facilities manager, Linda Lokensgard, yesterday complaining and asking her to please, for the love of god, knock it off until after the bar. We were all pretty clear that we know that these building upgrades needed to be done, but could you please delay for a bit. Her responses were essentially as follows:

1) Go to another library to study for the bar exam.
2) Schedule your bar exam study around the times when the workers aren’t here (afternoons and evenings only).

Their attitude seems to be: “You’re not paying us ungodly amounts of tuition anymore, so… f**k off.”

Because this is like my nine millionth time studying to take the bar exam, I’m about ready to stab myself in the eye with a No. 2 pencil, so I can only imagine what the poor souls at Minnesota Law are going through. I really, really feel for these people, because a similar situation happened to me during my first go at the bar exam.

My law school thought the most opportune time to do roof construction was during the BAR/BRI mock MBE. I completely lost my sh*t and had to leave during the middle of it, because even earplugs couldn’t drown out the noise.

And you all know how that wise decision turned out for me in the end. Ba-dum ching!

If you want some proof about what’s going on at Minnesota Law, here’s a little sample for you:

I guess this is just more evidence of the University of Minnesota’s commitment to its students. They already paid their dues as cash cows for the school, and now they get to suffer the consequences.

So, what happens when these people complain and nothing is done? What happens when these people are basically told to, well, go f**k themselves? What happens is that the school gets publicly shamed on Above the Law. These people are trying to study for the most important test of their lives — and how they do on it will affect Minnesota Law’s U.S. News ranking.


And to those of you who are trying to cram at the University of Minnesota School of Law, we sincerely wish you the best of luck, especially considering these crappy circumstances. Try to hang in there and stay positive.

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