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On-Campus Interviewing: Open Thread

At law schools and law firms around the country, on-campus interviewing and callback interviews are in full swing. We’ve been covering the fall (or summer?) recruiting process quite closely, offering you a mix of interview advice, humorous anecdotes, and soul-crushing reality checks.

Now it’s your turn to talk back to us….

Here’s an open thread for you to discuss OCI this year. Questions, interview tips, firm gossip, funny stories — all are welcome, in the comments. Whether you’re a law student seeking a job or an associate or partner conducting interviews, we’d like to hear from you.

Here are some questions for consideration:

  • How is the process looking this year? Are firms hiring more or less aggressively than last year?
  • How would you describe the attitudes of candidates and of interviewers?
  • What are your pet peeves during this process — things that drive you crazy, either as an interviewer or interviewee?
  • For interviewees, what is the most inappropriate question or situation you’ve been subjected to?
  • For interviewers, what is the most boneheaded behavior you’ve seen by a candidate this year?

These are just sample questions. Please don’t feel bound by them; rather, feel free to say whatever is on your mind (provided that it’s related to recruiting).

If you have something extra-special that you’d like to share with us directly — something that might merit a full story, as opposed to passing mention in the comments — please drop us a line by email (subject line: “OCI story”). Thanks.

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