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August Lawyer of the Month: Bow Down Before the King

While some of the candidates for August’s Lawyer of the Month were bold in their displays of public idiocy, others were bold in their candid assessments of the legal profession.

Looking back on our summer winners for June and July, we thought that legal smarts were taking a substantial lead over legal stupidity. But as it turns out, the margin is much closer than we thought.

In this polling cycle, just ten votes separated our Lawyer of the Month from our second-place finisher….

If we had an Egomaniac of the Month title to give away, then Gregory Berry, the Seventy-Seven Million Dollar Man, would have won it, hands down, for his lawsuit against Kasowitz Benson. In fact, he was only ten votes away from winning our Lawyer of the Month title for August.

Instead, our Lawyer of the Month for August is Judge Sam Sparks, a man who has grown famous over the course of his career for his harsh judicial benchslaps. Litigating against an incompetent? Lawyers behaving like kindergarteners? Don’t worry about it, because when this judge is on the case, you can count on attorneys being burned — and sparks flying in his courtroom in the aftermath.

It’s a shame that Chief Judge Edith Jones had to go and douse the flames, but we’re hoping that winning Above the Law’s Lawyer of the Month title will act as kindling for the next fabulous order from His Honor His Majesty, the King of Benchslaps.

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