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Best (Or Perhaps Worst) Courtroom Entrance In The World

We’re about to take all take a poll, and how you answer this poll will once and for all determine whether or not you are a good person.

I’m serious. You can lie on the poll if you want to, but you’ll always know how you truly felt. If you go one way, you are a good person. If you go another way, you are a soulless bastard. I offer no third option.

Although this revolves around a common legal situation, you don’t even have to be a lawyer to take and learn from this test poll.

Just watch this video….

Ladies and gentlemen, let me present the best, or worst, courtroom entrance ever:

The video was dug up by the good people at Boston Personal Injury Lawyer Blog. It’s from an episode of the People’s Court.

This is the best entrance ever. Look at the swagger. This guy is the defendant. Does he give a flying f***? No, he does not. Check out his snazzy outfit as he saunters up to the podium. That man could sell me anything.

This is the worst courtroom entrance ever. From the Boston Personal Injury Lawyer Blog:

In this clip from “The People’s Court,” you can see how a party can completely alienate an audience without even saying a word. This “gentleman” lets a door drop on the disabled woman following behind him.

Wow… I, uhh, didn’t even notice the disabled woman the first time through the video. I am a terrible, horrible human being.

Poll time!

Is this the best or the worst courtroom entrance?

  • Worst. I can't even believe I have to explain why. (56%, 811 Votes)
  • Best. Dude can't be worried about wheel lady when he's rocking into a courtroom. (44%, 647 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,455

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How NOT To Enter A Courtroom [Boston Personal Injury Lawyer Blog]

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