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Law License Plates: Welcome to the Dating Game

Our last post on law-related vanity license plates was about three weeks ago. We’re always looking for more photos, so if you’re a fan of the Law License Plates series, please send some in via email (subject line: “Vanity License Plate”).

Today, we are writing about lawyers who have announced their dating qualifications on their license plates. Maybe these folks are fans of our Courtship Connection series, but they’re too afraid to go on blind dates. Let’s help these people out, because they seem to be single and looking in California and New York.

Let’s check out our Dating Game contestants….

Our first contestant hails from the West Coast, all the way out in Los Angeles:

This Beachboy is an alumnus of UCLA. Go Bruins! As evidenced by his Lexus, which may be an IS model, our contestant admires all things luxurious. And, perhaps most importantly, he’s a young lawyer who appears to be wealthy. But as a young lawyer, could our contestant be secretly drowning in student loan debt?

Advertising yourself in the dating world as a young lawyer might not be such a good thing these days, especially if the object of your affection follows the news on the state of the legal economy. But hey, maybe this young lawyer can spit some sick game at the ladies. Who knows?

What we do know is that our young lawyer would probably be willing to drive across the country to meet up with our next contestant. This one’s from New York:

In her Lexus RX 330, this uptown girl appreciates luxury, but she’s not willing to play games. She’s proclaiming to the world that she’s a lawyer who happens to be a hottie. If our second contestant has big, distracting breasts, like paralegal Daniella Atencia, she’ll have no problem finding a man.

But wait a second… isn’t the car she’s driving the standard model for rich mothers who don’t want to be caught dead in a minivan? This New Yorker could be physically hot, but she could also be menopausal and suffering from hot flashes.

Either way, this desperate housewife probably knows how to drive a stick (wink wink, nudge nudge). We’re sure that she’d love to get a piece of our young lawyer contestant, regardless of whether he’s saddled with debt.

So, readers, do you think that these Lexus lovers should get together? This could be a match made in heaven — unless our young lawyer is young enough to be our hot lawyer’s son.

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