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Lawsuit of the Day: Is Pink a Color in the Rainbow Coalition?

We’re a little bit late on the draw with the harassment suit filed against Jesse Jackson on Tuesday. We wanted to see the complaint, and at first, the headline “Gay Guy Wishes Black People Weren’t Such D***s to Gays” seemed underwhelming. We all noticed the strange tendency of some otherwise liberal African-American civil rights leaders to get their panties in a bunch when gays and lesbians ask for the same rights everybody else is asking for.

I blame, God. Or at least, the people who claim to be speaking for him.

In any event, what I thought was a run-of-the-mill, he said, she said story of sexual harassment got a lot more interesting. It turns out that alleged victim, Tommy Bennett, also used his harassment complaint to unleash a full on character attack on the private sex life of Reverend Jesse Jackson. You don’t see Jackson — who was the leader of black people according to white people from when they killed Malcolm until Jackson failed to cut Obama’s nuts off — get attacked like this by people who don’t draw paychecks from Rupert Murdoch.

And yeah, I said the Reverend’s sex life.

Let’s go to the complaint, shall we….

Tommy Bennett is the guy known as “Aruba Tommy” to listeners of the Tom Joyner Morning Show. So, you know, the brother’s gay. He’s not trying to hide it or fool anybody.

According to the complaint, Bennett got a job at the Rainbow Push Coalition, and pretty much immediately everybody started being mean to him because of his sexual orientation. To me, the most heart-wrenching allegation is here:

If true, how horrible. I get pissed when Lat uses a salad to ward off the evil hamburger spirits sitting on my desk. I can’t imagine how insulted I’d be if somebody started praying for me to be bound.

Of course, you don’t come to us for heart-wrenching. You come to us for this:

And this:

And, of course, this:

You can read the full complaint here. It reads like an episode of South Park.

Obviously, this is just a complaint, so we have to take all these allegations with a grain of salt.

But, I’ll tell you one thing, if am ever lucky enough to be able to employ somebody whose job it is to clean up after I have sex, I’m going to make damn sure that person feels respected and appreciated. That’s going to be the one guy I don’t call a motherf***er or anything. That’s going to be the guy who gets a huge Christmas bonus. Or Hanukkah bonus, or Ramadan bonus, or whatever the hell time of year bonus comports best with his beliefs.

I bet people who win nominations to run for President know at least that much.

Jesse Jackson Accused Of Sexual Harassment, Discrimination By Gay Ex-Employee Tommy Bennett [Huffington Post]

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